St. John Come Lately and Edges Rutgers in NCAA Basketball

St. John’s Great Escape

Hello world,

The NCAA Basketball is heat up for March Madness.
It is therefore critical for teams to do well in their conference playoffs in order to get their “glass slippers” to the big dance. It is therefore really heartbreaking this morning for the Rutgers basketball team. We do not know if they would have tied the game or even win the game, but the fact that time was left on the clock meant that they had a chance. The referees missed the call and the game is over.

This is really difficult because Rutgers was not a strong team, that means a good showing in their conference would have helped their cause. What should be done for Rutgers? Should they be invited to the dance?

Situatons like these just demonstrate once again that humans are just that- we are not perfect. We will miss a call here and there. In life we will have missed calls and calls going against us, but we have to take the high road and keep moving.