International Women’s Day 2011

Women In The 21st Century

Hello world,

Today is March 8 and it is International Women’s Day. Also, March is Women History Month. Yet, when we look at where women are today, how far have women really come? What is the real significance of International Women’s Day?

How are women really doing? Women are in greater numbers in the marketplace. They are in education, business, politics, financial markets, music, and industry, but how great is their impact on society and communities? In the United States we have a woman as the Secretary of State. That is a powerful and visible position. Thanks to Madam Secretary for standing out. We also have a first lady who is in the news not just for her fashion, but for the issues she raises from time to time.

Looking back over the years since the first International Women’s Day, it is clear women have come a long way, but there is still a far way to go. Wages, significance, value, violence and abuse are areas that need rapid progress. If you can read this find a woman to thank today. During this month, let us remember the women who paved the way for us.

Women of the world, enjoy your day, today. Value and respect yourselves and others will have no choice but to follow.