Are The Heat Having A Meltdown?

Is It Really Crying Time For The Heat

Hello world,

The Miami Heat seem to be melting under the pressure of winning a title now. Nothing is wrong with great players coming together to play together to win. The outcry of people is for how Lebron planned his exit from Cleveland. Due to that fallout, the Miami Heat are not the most liked team, and some of what is happening to them is harder for them to understand and keep their focus.   

Yesterday they lost to the Chicago Bulls. They have lost to the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and the Orlando Magic. They beat the Lakers, but before they get to the Lakers in an NBA final, they have to get out of the Eastern conference. So, are the Heat melting under their own heat?

Clearly they have not yet figured out how to really play as a team. There are three players who starred on their previous teams. Lebron and Bosh sacrificed money, family and risked the wrath of the fans to play with Dwayne Wade. It seemed that they thought like a lot of people, that they would win every game. The reality of not winning every game and losing those they were expected to win might be what is causing the Heat to melt. They need to regroup by releasing their hold on the panic button.

What about the crying in the locker room, should that have been told to the world? What is really going on with the Miami Heat? Please share your comments.