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Opened 1868 at 626 11th Avenue, New York City

Opened 1868 at 626 11th Avenue, New York City

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As the weather warms up people begin to think of travel and vacation. As a matter of fact it is not too early to start making vacation plans for the summer. If you are a New Yorker you want to go far away or else you feel like you have not been anywhere. Sometimes you need to get to a far place, but there are many wonderful places in New York City for you to be intrigued with. There is a lot to see by way of walking around each borough.

Today I will give you one intriguing place in Manhattan. On 11th Avenue and 46th Street, there is the world famous Landmark Tavern (picture above). Last year it closed, but it is open again and continues to serve locals as well as tourists. On your way to the Intrepid or Pier 83 make sure you stop by.