NFL Labor Talks -Hard Or Easy Labor?

NFL – No Fumble

Hello world,

Millions of people from all over the world tuned in on February 6 to watch the Superbowl. Many were just casual fans. They don’t know much about the rules of the game, but they like football, they want to see the new commercials and they want to see whoever the big star is who will perform at half time. Then there are the ardent football fans who for 16 weeks were glued to their televisions watching their team play. Imagine the heart-break if there is no football next season.

It seems to me, that based on the news out of Washington, National Football League (NFL) players have agreed to an extension of the CBA. They would be myopic that the if they did not realize the magnitude and far-reaching impact football has not just on America, but on the world. They should be glad to share billions among themselves when the rest of society is scraping for a few hundreds.

Now, it is not as simple as that, but the point is NFL football is making money for everybody except those who watch it. If they cannot recognize the value of the product and the people who play the sport and allow a strike, they would have no one to blame but themselves. It is very heartening therefore, to learn that the players and all concerned have agreed to a seven-day extension of the Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA). No fumbles, please. Try and work it out.