Celebrity Apprentice 2011- The Line Up

Celebrity Apprentice Still Going-Not Fired Yet!

Hello world,

It’s time for another season of Celebrity Apprentice with “The Donald.” This is one of those reality shows that not just entertains, but teach you practical business principles that you can use either to start or to improve your own business.

I liked the season when Melissa and Joan Rivers were on. I loved Joan Rivers and I was so happy she won. Even though there were fireworks between Melissa and other women they managed to be civil and it made for good television. The last season was great too. I am really looking forward to watching a few episodes whenever possible.

There is truly so much to learn. You learn how to select a team, how to plan, strategize, execute the plan, stay focused, and you learn that if you use your team members in the area of their strengths (which is their area of gifting), you will keep everybody doing something. In addition, it also shows that as a leader, you are ultimately responsible for the failure or success of your team, group, company or corporation. Now, that can be good as well as bad. If your team decides not to corporate it can be a challenge for you.

Leadership, strength of conviction, know how and people skills are all put under the microscope. If you have never watched Celebrity Apprentice or if you have watched it just for the entertainment, watch it this season with a new eye. Watch from the perspective of what can I take away from each episode that will help me in my business.

The season starts this Sunday, March 6. Enjoy and Learn!