Dancing With The Stars 2011 – The Line Up

Stars or Fallen Stars

Hello world

Last night the list of stars for the coming season of Dancing With The Stars 2011 was announced. I must admit that I only know about four of the stars. I know Sugar Ray Leonard, Kristy Ali, Wendy Williams and Hines Ward. How many do you know? I am wondering what this will mean for the ratings this season. Who is going to be the main draw? who is going to keep the interest of the people? I believe that Wendy Williams and Hines Ward are going to be there in the last week.

It should be interesting to see them dance. I was surprised to see Wendy Williams, I like her show, but I really look forward to her dancing. I think she has personality and presence and hopefully the judges will go easy on her. Sugar Ray Leonard should be pretty nifty based on his boxing skills and his agility, of course he has lost a step or two. Kirstie Ali should do well too. Since Cheers she has been in the news quite a lot, so she is still in the public’s eyes. I don’t know, but some of the names I never heard before and I am sure I am not the only one. Football players have done very well and I believe Hines Ward will go very far. I look forward to an interesting season. Last season was really great.