Let’s Hear It For The Knicks and Carmelo-AMare

Hello World,

I hope you had a great week.  This is a big weekend in sports.  The NBA trade deadline came and went and maybe a few teams are now “dead” because they suffered loss of their good players and they are now reeling from the effect.

The interesting thing about life is that we have to expect changes.  The issue though is that you can never prepare too much for changes.  Take Carmelo Anthony for example.  He wanted to come to New York, but he had been in Denver since he left college.  Sure enough he had to pull up roots and say good-bye to long time teammates who became all but family.  That must have been hard for him too.  Then we have to also look at the Denver Nuggets; a loss is a hard thing to deal with, but don’t feel sorry for them. They got a good deal.  It is the change we sometimes demand but when we get it we realize that we really wished things had remained the same because we were not as prepared as we thought we were.  This is what is called life.  We have to navigate it through changes and we just have to do the best we can.

The good thing about Carmelo Anthony’s situation is that he had labored for seven years in Denver and never won anything.   In seven years nothing changed and as he neared the peak of his career he realized that staying in Denver would suit the owners, but not him.   He did his seven years and he never complained.  Denver should be really happy because they are much better after their loss of their star player than Cleveland was after theirs.   Now he is in New York and people are still questioning what the New York Knicks had to give up to get Anthony.  It was a lot because we saw how they played for Denver last night.   This weekend will shed some light on whether he was worth it.  On Sunday they play the Miami Heat.  The Knicks played them good the second time around with one superstar, so let us see what happens when the power shifts this Sunday.  Make sure you watch.
Let me just say congratulations on an amazing woman who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. Have a great weekend.