New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony

Hello world,

Last night was one of the greatest nights for New York Knicks  and their fans.   I was just able to glimpse the press conference and got the sports highlights on the news, but if what I experienced was so powerful, I can only imagine the temperature and the noise at Madison Square Gardens.  As Lebron James said, “The power is shifting to the east.”   That is good because as the NBA is constituted right now there are at least ten good teams out west, with about five in the east.   I think we are heading to a power balance rather than a power shift.

Well, how about the game last night?  I like the way the crowd let Carmelo know he is appreciated.   That was great.  Amare and Carmelo and let us not forget Chancey Billups, and with one or two more pieces the Knicks are ready to make some serious noise in the playoffs.   On any given night, the Knicks can beat Boston, Miami or Orlando.   We must thank Amare for coming because that was what attracted Carmelo.   We can only hope that Chris Paul was watching last night and that he will be coming here soon.   Thanks also to Danny Walsh for really turning the Knicks franchise around in two years.   Isaiah, the prophet took ten years with no prophecy and reduced the Knicks to the laughing stock of the NBA.      If Dolan wants to be so foolish to bring him back – then he would not be as smart as we all think he is now.

Life is so different when people want to be together and work together for a common good.  We love you Amare. We love you carmelo Anthony.  Lebron never got anything like this in Miami.  There is only one New York.


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