NBA All Star 2011- The Real Stars Will Shine

NBA All Star 2011- Hollywood Skies Lit With The Stars of the NBA

Hello world,

It is the 60th NBA All Star Game this week Sunday and already the stars are aligned in Hollywood.   Last week-end it was the Grammys and this week-end it’s the NBA All Star 2011.    This should be a great game with the East versus West.  Congratulations are in order for David Stern, who has really set a very high standard for the players.  Just looking at how professionally dressed these players are is a real great ray of hope for young people.   The players might say they are not role models, but unknown to them, they are role models.   They might as well just go ahead and be the best people they can be realizing that there is life after their playing days are over.

This year is very interesting because of the CBA and the exciting, talented, young breed of players in the league.  Then there are the veterans who have earned the respect of their fans and who continue to give back to their communities and make a name for themselves.  Then there is the Carmelo Anthony watch.  Will he stay or will he go?  Will the Nets sign him or will the Knicks do so?  Will they sign on Tuesday or wait until the 24th?  If the Knicks get Carmelo they become the 5th best team in the East.  If the Nets get Carmelo, nothing changes for them because they would have traded away all their assets. 

Right now we just need to focus on the 60th NBA All star game and see how the east os going to beat the West 150-147.  Let’s hear your thoughts on the Carmelo Anthony situation and whether either the Knicks or the Nets should gut their team in order to get him.