Carmelo Anthony and The NBA Trade Deadline- Do It

Carmelo Anthony and the New Jersey Nets- Take Two!

Hello World,

Carmelo Anthony is linked to the New Jersey Nets again and that is making Knicks fans concerned. The people who claim to know what is really going on behind closed doors with the new York Knicks, say Denver is asking for too much. Are they really asking for too much? I don’t think so. I think the problem is that the Knicks do not have a deep bench, and the fact that only eight players are in their rotation confirms this. If the Nuggets take three of their starters, that leaves Amar’e and one other player. The question then is, “Is Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony enough? Now contrast that with wha the Nets would have to do to get Carmelo. They would be giving up their young talent so who would Carmelo play with?

The Denver Nuggets are doing what is right for them. They do not want to be like the Toronto Raptors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. They want a trade rather than letting Anthony walk at the end of this season. That is why if the Knicks don’t make a move the Nets might have him for the remainder of the season. Carmelo Anthony is not going to stay in New Jersey because it will be worse than being in Denver. At least now he has Kenyon Martin, Billups, and a few others to keep the team relevant. He will have no one in New Jersey and he will have to be prepared to suffer for many years.

In sports as in life, everybody needs somebody sometimes. It was John Maxwell who said, “one is too small a number to achieve anything.” All the teams that had only one superstar was never able to win a championship until they got another “proven” superstar. Miami won when Dwayne wade got Shack and Alonzo Mourning. Boston won another championship when they got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Both those players were alone on their teams working hard every night and never won anything. It takes at least two. If two or three come together anything is possible. The New York Knicks need to get the deal done as soon as the NBA All Star Game 2011 is over.