Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

Hello World,

Happy Valentine's Day to you. Find someone to show that you love them. Remember, today is not just for husbands and wives, and significant others- Valentine's Day is for everybody.

Men, if you have daughters give them cards too. Women, give your sons cards too. This is where you start training them so that when they become adults they know how to act.

If you are at your wits end as to what to give as a gift today, here are some ideas to consider. The top five will be the usual suspects. Here we go, flowers, chocolate, cards, perfume, jewelry, dinner cruise, dinner at a fancy restaurant where you have to really dress up, your city’s tour bus ride- be a tourist and enjoy the ride, catered dinner at home, spend the night at a hotel in your backyard, go dancing, skating, bowling or just stay home and talk.

These are some ideas. Remember to share the love with co-workers, friends, pets, and family. If we all do that then nobody will be left out. They are not anything far fetched because I find that many times we overlook the simple things we can do with the right spirit, and instead try to do extravagant things with the wrong spirit. The truth is, if everyday you will do the little things that mean something to people – for you everyday will be Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!