Cleveland Cavaliers Stop The Bleeding

Cleveland Cavaliers-It’s Over

Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers went into overtime to pull out their first win of 2011. Yes, they did. They beat the Clippers at home 126-119, thus ending their losing streak at 26. Had they lost the game they would be the record holders of the longest losing streak in professional sports in America.

Anyone who says winning is overrated need to talk to the Cavs. If anything, it is my opinion that losing is underrated. Even though the players were celebrating as if they had won the NBA championship, I like what their coach, Byron Scott said. He said that they need to get used to winning. If they expect to win every night they will have more nights like last night.

There has to be a mental toughness that no matter who walks out on you, no matter who does not support you, no matter who said they would stand with you and when you look around you stand alone, you have to know who you are and what you have in you. Lebron did not score all the points every night. Many of these guys played with Lebron, so why let the absence of Lebron have you on a losing streak? One can only hope that the Cavaliers will now continue on a winning streak. Good luck Cavs! Have a great weekend people of the world. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are. In New York we should be having a heat wave with a temperature of 40 degrees.