Super Bowl XLV- Showdown in Texas

Packers and Steelers Showdown in Texas

If the Steelers win the Super bowl on Sunday, will Ben Roethlisberger be considered among the great quarterbacks? Will he be in the same class as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? It’s funny how we judge people.

In one breath we count how many Super bowl rings someone has and we say that makes them great. How many rings does Peyton have. Both Manning Brothers only have one ring each and yet, “Big Ben” with two rings and ton his way to a third is somehow not even in the same conversion.

It actually seems to me that if the Green Bay Packers win on Sunday, many people will call him great and will compare what he has done to what Bret Farve did. Life is funny and the standards by which we assign greatness seem to change depending on whether we like the person or not.

Look at Michael Vick. He was being touted as MVP and the same Eagles fans who wanted nothing to do with him in the beginning, soon forgot Donavon McNabb. The point is that whatever you do in life you just have to do your best and don’t worry about the rest.

Do not be discouraged when people don’t praise you and do not get too encouraged when they praise you. Just keep being the best you can be. If you do that you will maintain your happiness and your peace of mind. In my earlier post today I wrote that I liked how Ben handled the press conference. We all can learn from him. Are you ready for the showdown in Texas?