NFL Football -Super Bowl XLV Media Day

Super Bowl XLV Media Day

Hello world,

Super bowl media day came and went without a “touchdown.” Can anybody tell where the real journalist went?

Anyway, I was pleased with how Ben Roethlisberger handles the press conference. He did not let the reporters lead him down the path of his past transgressions. All he can do is just win this Super bowl and keep playing and winning. Surely, he must know who his friends are an how to conduct himself as a man.

Aaron Rodgers also handled himself well. He did not try to get into too much about He is a likable person and that might be why people are leaning more to the to win the Super bowl. Well, media day is over and the players are back to business. Are you ready for some football? Are you hosting a party or going to the sports bar, or will you be doing something else? Talk back!