The Knicks Beat The Heat- A Win Is A Win, Right?

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Hope you had a great weekend. There is so much to catch upon at this time, but the most important thing for me is that I was privy to attend the 90th birthday celebration of my church’ first lady. Congratulations to her.
Now, I know it was also the 83rd Oscar Awards in Hollywood, which from what I heard, was not that well watched. I will do another blog on that, but just thought I would mention it in my weekend round up.

The real show was going on in South Beach where one Mr. Lebron James took his talents. Well, thank goodness that Mr. Carmelo Anthony took his talents to New York to help Amare continue the winning ways of the Knicks. It is a breath of fresh air to have two superstars who said, “We can handle the spotlight of New York City.” That is good because Lebron never wanted to come to New York. New York was not even a blimp on his radar screen. He wanted to go play with Dwayne Wade and that is what he is doing very well. That is where he wanted to be.

So, back to the game between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat last night. It was a great game. The Knicks showed a lot of heart because you do not want to get down by 16 points playing one of the best teams in the NBA. Yet, that was what happened to the New York Knicks. They were down early, but they decided to fight back and that was what they did and won 91 to 86. They proved to us that no matter how down you are in life and no matter how bad your present circumstances look, if you can just look inside and draw out a little strength, you will be victorious. Last night the New York Knicks proved that they can hang with the NBA’s best teams.

Let’s Hear It For The Knicks and Carmelo-AMare

Hello World,

I hope you had a great week.  This is a big weekend in sports.  The NBA trade deadline came and went and maybe a few teams are now “dead” because they suffered loss of their good players and they are now reeling from the effect.

The interesting thing about life is that we have to expect changes.  The issue though is that you can never prepare too much for changes.  Take Carmelo Anthony for example.  He wanted to come to New York, but he had been in Denver since he left college.  Sure enough he had to pull up roots and say good-bye to long time teammates who became all but family.  That must have been hard for him too.  Then we have to also look at the Denver Nuggets; a loss is a hard thing to deal with, but don’t feel sorry for them. They got a good deal.  It is the change we sometimes demand but when we get it we realize that we really wished things had remained the same because we were not as prepared as we thought we were.  This is what is called life.  We have to navigate it through changes and we just have to do the best we can.

The good thing about Carmelo Anthony’s situation is that he had labored for seven years in Denver and never won anything.   In seven years nothing changed and as he neared the peak of his career he realized that staying in Denver would suit the owners, but not him.   He did his seven years and he never complained.  Denver should be really happy because they are much better after their loss of their star player than Cleveland was after theirs.   Now he is in New York and people are still questioning what the New York Knicks had to give up to get Anthony.  It was a lot because we saw how they played for Denver last night.   This weekend will shed some light on whether he was worth it.  On Sunday they play the Miami Heat.  The Knicks played them good the second time around with one superstar, so let us see what happens when the power shifts this Sunday.  Make sure you watch.
Let me just say congratulations on an amazing woman who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. Have a great weekend.

New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony

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Last night was one of the greatest nights for New York Knicks  and their fans.   I was just able to glimpse the press conference and got the sports highlights on the news, but if what I experienced was so powerful, I can only imagine the temperature and the noise at Madison Square Gardens.  As Lebron James said, “The power is shifting to the east.”   That is good because as the NBA is constituted right now there are at least ten good teams out west, with about five in the east.   I think we are heading to a power balance rather than a power shift.

Well, how about the game last night?  I like the way the crowd let Carmelo know he is appreciated.   That was great.  Amare and Carmelo and let us not forget Chancey Billups, and with one or two more pieces the Knicks are ready to make some serious noise in the playoffs.   On any given night, the Knicks can beat Boston, Miami or Orlando.   We must thank Amare for coming because that was what attracted Carmelo.   We can only hope that Chris Paul was watching last night and that he will be coming here soon.   Thanks also to Danny Walsh for really turning the Knicks franchise around in two years.   Isaiah, the prophet took ten years with no prophecy and reduced the Knicks to the laughing stock of the NBA.      If Dolan wants to be so foolish to bring him back – then he would not be as smart as we all think he is now.

Life is so different when people want to be together and work together for a common good.  We love you Amare. We love you carmelo Anthony.  Lebron never got anything like this in Miami.  There is only one New York.


Carmelo Anthony Arrives In New York City Today

The Broadway Duo – Carmelo and Amare

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Today at 5pm the New York Knicks will hold a press conference introducing Carmelo Anthony as the newest Knickerbocker. For Carmelo it is a dream come through. I just wonder what the press conference will be like for Felton, Chandler and the others who got traded.

Carmelo Anthony- Now Playing On Broadway

The Deal Is Done And Carmelo Anthony Is A New York Knick

Hello World,

Congratulations to the New York Knicks on landing a superstar in Carmelo Anthony.  Twelve players, $3M, three teams, three draft picks, lots of moving around, but the deal is done and Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. Amen!

Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudamire are two players who wanted to play together and wanted to play for the New York Knicks.  That is very important and we should not lose sight of it.  This is an opportunity for the Knicks to challenge Boston Celtics and Miami Hea,t first for the conference title and then go for a championship.

This will not happen this year but by next year hopefully with Chris Paul or Derron Williams, they will be ready.  Carmelo will play on Wednesday night and I know Madison Square Garden is going to be at fever pitch.  Win or lose the Knicks have hope again.  We don’t miss Lebron now.  People need to look at the Miami Heat and how they are coming together as a great team. They are two superstars and one star saying at the end of it all we would rather pool our talents for the common goal of winning championships, rather than being great individually in our separate cities. Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh are all playing great. Knicks have an example to follow and they will be just fine.

The Knicks have given up many to get one and the one is more valuable than all the pieces put together.  The Knicks just need to add to the two stars that they have.  There is no depth at this time, but they are moving forward in the right direction.  Players like Carmelo Anthony come around once in a blue moon for each team.  If the Cleveland Cavaliers had traded Lebron James they would have been better off today. Look how great Lebron is and he alone couldn’t bring them a championship in seven years.  Some people think this is a case of the tail wagging the dog, but both Lebron and Carmelo stayed seven years and played their hearts out for the teams that drafted them. Should they be prevented from leaving to another city after serving their seven years? What do you think?