NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii Today

NFL Pro Bowl-The Prelude to the Super bowl

Hello World,

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday wherever you are in the world. If you were fortunate to take the trip to Hawaii or if you live there, then you are really lucky. The rest of us will have to watch the Pro Bowl game on the television.

The idea of the Pro Bowl should really be revisited.
I think it will be better if it is played after the Super bowl because it would just be the perfect relaxing exercise to help football fans deal with the off-season.

If you are a football fan, the Sunday after the Super bowl is one of the hardest to get through. Since the Super bowl takes us on such a high even if our team is not involved, we watch and then the next Sunday nothing.

Who is really interested in the Pro Bowl today? Let me hear your comments. Super bowl XLV? Can’t Wait!