The New York Mets Need A Bailout

Mets Need Money

The news which broke yesterday about the Mets is not good. It was widely circulated last season that the Mets had allegedly lost millions in the Madoff scheme.

now the Mets are looking for a part owner, someone to come in with some money to stabilize the organization. It is not a bad business idea. So who could be the likely suspects? Probably Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, probably Nets billionaire owner, Prokhorov and maybe Donald Trump. They all have money, they are astute businessmen, and they have high visibility and credibility. It is too early to use the Nets as an example, but look at what Mark Cuban did with the Dallas Mavericks. Then if you have watched The Apprentice, been to The Trump Tower, the Trump Hotels and been to the men’s department in any Macy’s store, you know the power if the Trump brand. It’s one word that just trumps you.

Anyway, these people have what it takes. Hopefully the Mets will be able to at least slide into home plate if they can’t hit a home run.

Have a great weekend. Do you realize that very soon it will be spring training.