Knicks beat the Heat Last Night at The Garden

Knicks beat Miami Heat 93-88

Knicks beat the Heat in a gutsy effort last night at Madison Square Garden. It was a great win for them coming off a six game losing streak broken only by a win over Washington.

The Miami Heat had two of their three stars on the court and Dwayne Wade was really hitting his shots goggles, migraine and all. That is why this win is so wonderful for the Knicks and I congratulate them.

This win is a great take away for the team and their fans as well as for Carmelo Anthony.

It is quite clear that Carmelo does not want to be traded to a team that has to trade all their good players to get him. Who will he play with when he gets there? That’s why Nets would not work. They had what to trade, but after the trade they would only have Anthony. He might as well stay in Denver because what he has is better than what he would have in New Jersey.

Danny Walsh is smart because he realized that if he gave the Denver Nuggets what they want then the New York Knicks would be too depleted. Carmelo and Amare need at least four or five role players. But if Carmelo Anthony stays there and become a free agent then he can come to the Knicks as a free agent with enough pieces of the puzzle in place to get to the Eastern Conference Championship game. After all, that’s why Lebron James went to the Miami Heat.

He knew there was one great player in place and Chris Bosh was on his way there too. So, Knicks fans – keep being the greatest fans in the NBA. That’s why despite the Knicks rough decade they are the number one NBA franchise. Go Knicks! Beat the Hawks tonight.