Jake Cutler and the Chicago Bears

Jake Cutler and The Chicago Bears

Jake Cutler is perceived by many in the football arena as someone who lacks the emotion that is needed as a leader. This is one case where perception is reality for many people and Jake Cutler is quickly thrown under the bus.

People seem to have expectations of people in position of authority and leadership to show their passion. What they saw of Jake Cutler on Sunday was not what they were expecting for someone who is a few minutes from going to the Super bowl; but no one had the facts. So the tweeters went on Twitterand started tweeting based on perception. Comments from former players and TV analysts started a fire storm. When the truth came out it had many of these “experts” had to back pedal.

The truth of the matter is that some people are more demonstrative than others. People had the same complaint about Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs.

People were also mad when President George Bush was crying on TV immediately after 9-11. Then we have people like Bobby Knight throwing chairs and Lebron James refusing to shake the hands with the Orlando Magic team after losing the conference finals.

Jake Cutler has heart or else he would never play NFL football. That game is rough and you have to be tough- not stupid. How correct are we in our perceptions? Should personality and temperament be taken into account? Say something!