Green Bay Packers are Superbowl Bound</html

Green Bay Packers are 2010 NFC Division Champions

The Green Bay Packers just showed us that with passion and desire and drive you can win. How on earth the Chicago Bears let a defensive player rumble his way into the end zone is beyond belief.

The Chicago Bears just did not play with any desperation or any drive. The game was close and if they had just put a little more effort into the game the results might have been different. Bears fans deserved a better performance. Great performance by Packers.


NFL Divisional Championships- The Final Four

Jets Do It!

Jets Do It!

The Day For The NFL Underdogs-Bears and Jets

Hello world, this is the big day football fans who still have a team on the field have been waiting for. It will only get better if your team makes it to the Super bowl. For the Bears, Jets, Packers, and Steelers this is where boys are separated from men. This is the day when you get laser focus on this game only. Today is what matters. You cannot do tomorrow what you should do today. What is done today will determine your tomorrow.

The final four teams did not get to this stage of the game by special favors. They had difficult roads to travel. The Packers were popular from the start of the season, but for the other three teams they were given no chance at all. Just go back to last week with Jets against Patriots, the Jets were underdogs.

Even if you do not understand the game, try to watch it because there is so much to learn. Sometimes the underdogs just want it more because they know their ability, and all they want is just one chance.

Go Jets! Go Gang Green Nation! This is one NY Giants fans rooting for you. NYC is behind you Mark Sanchez. The Empire State Building is Green.We’re Going Green.

Going Green