Regis Philbin Leaving His Show

Regis Philbin-Irreplaceable

Every now and then I get a chance to watch Live with Regis and Kelly. Usually at that time of the morning there are many choices, but Regis is just one of a kind and he makes your morning goes so much lighter. Morning television will not be the same. I know Kelly can handle it, but Regis is the big draw.

Regis looks great at 79. I was surprised to learn his age. He will be 80 in August. I hope he will tell us his secret for looking so great before he leaves the show.

One thing I am glad for is that he knows when to move on and do something different. He said he is not retiring and that is good because when some people retire they do nothing, and that is a big mistake.

I was glad when Regis clarified the “retirement” issue and said he will still be active and doing different things. I think that is going to keep him around for a long long time. That is the lesson to learn from Regis and Oprah. Don’t wait until all you can do is retire to a rocking chair.

God Bless You, Regis!