NFL Football Playoff 2011

The Jets Must Be Calculating Not Talking

There is a time for everything under the sun. THere is a time to speak and a time to keep silent. This is from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. Many people are shocked at how Rex Ryan and The New York Jets are handling themselves this week. Some people want them to start trash talking about the Steelers. That is not going to happen because there is no asterisk against their two championships and they are not tooting their horns. THis game is a high stakes game and it calls for strategic, calculated, planning.

Last week the Jets had to speak out because the “experts” had all but given the Lombardi trophy to Tom Brady. Then to make matters worse, the Jets were humiliated on national television few weeks back by scoring only three points. How were they supposed to beat the mighty Patriots?

Their approach had to be “We know who we are and we are not going to let one game where the score was “suspect” define who we are as a team.” That was their mindset. Then since nobody was really listening to them they had to take it to the streets in their mannerism. Listen people of the world, don’t let one bad experience or failure or disappointment or setback define you.

There comes a time when you have to hold your head high and get your swagger back and strut your stuff; and if nobody gets it, then you have to call your own press conference, ask your own questions and answer them.

Almost everybody was singing the Patriots praises and they forgot the “spygate” circumstances that kept good teams in their division out of the Superbowl for years. The New England Patriots are good, but just think what could have been if they were always playing fair. The Jets know exactly what is on the line this Sunday, and this is not personal.

This game is just about getting to the Superbowl by being calculated and strategic. This is not Pharoah and Moses; this is David and Goliath, This is Samson and they are about. They respect Big Ben and the Steelers because Steelers Nation are good people. The Jets know what time it is and it is not time to speak. This is the time to keep silent. Shhhh!
We will speak on Monday morning.

Regis Philbin Leaving His Show

Regis Philbin-Irreplaceable

Every now and then I get a chance to watch Live with Regis and Kelly. Usually at that time of the morning there are many choices, but Regis is just one of a kind and he makes your morning goes so much lighter. Morning television will not be the same. I know Kelly can handle it, but Regis is the big draw.

Regis looks great at 79. I was surprised to learn his age. He will be 80 in August. I hope he will tell us his secret for looking so great before he leaves the show.

One thing I am glad for is that he knows when to move on and do something different. He said he is not retiring and that is good because when some people retire they do nothing, and that is a big mistake.

I was glad when Regis clarified the “retirement” issue and said he will still be active and doing different things. I think that is going to keep him around for a long long time. That is the lesson to learn from Regis and Oprah. Don’t wait until all you can do is retire to a rocking chair.

God Bless You, Regis!