NFL Playoffs versus NBA Basketball

The Carmelo Anthony Sideshow

The exciting NFL playoffs have really put NBA basketball on the back burner. There are some real exciting basketball games going on in the NBA right now. I know the Jets are keeping all eyes on nfl playoffs and that is so exciting you don’t want to miss anything.

So the main talk in the NBA are Carmelo trade rumors and what’s happening to the Miami Heat. The question is where should Carmelo go? I think he should come to New York City and play for the Knicks. Look at Amare who has taken a chance and come to New York and is now in the discussion of MVP and All Star. Now, just think that the Phoenix Suns went to the western conference finals last year against the Lakers and Amare did not get the spotlight like he is getting now.

Carmelo is well known so the impact of coming to New York will be different. Anthony will have the opportunity to get a fresh start. He will have to do like Lebron and leave Denver. Of course, he needs to do so properly. He should focus on finishing out the season and then leave. New York will give him his money. Forget about New Jersey. They had their chances and they’ re now going to have to wait a few more years. If Anthony goes there he is going to be very frustrated.