Jets They Did It!

Jets Away!

the Jets certainly have a lot to be proud of today. They went into Foxborough and beat the New England Patriots in style and fashion. Certainly New Yorkers and the world are getting on their bandwagon and supporting them all the way to the Superbowl.

The Jets showed that “favorites” don’t always win. Their win was a big upset to everyone but Jets organization and Jets fans.

The Jets win is big because the Patriots did put up a fight, but they were so cavalier in their approach to the game that when they realized the Jets came to win and were serious about it, it was too late to try any “tricks.”

now the Jets head to Pittsburgh and already the talk is that they will not win. But that’s coming from the same “experts” and “analysts” and Steelers fans. As a NY Giants fan, I admire how Rex Ryan the Jets have been jetting along with their business. Go Jets! You beat the Patriots fair and square. The Patriots are done winning because and the world will know not to crown them as immortals. Somebody said, “That’s why we play the game.”