Jets They Did It!

Jets Away!

the Jets certainly have a lot to be proud of today. They went into Foxborough and beat the New England Patriots in style and fashion. Certainly New Yorkers and the world are getting on their bandwagon and supporting them all the way to the Superbowl.

The Jets showed that “favorites” don’t always win. Their win was a big upset to everyone but Jets organization and Jets fans.

The Jets win is big because the Patriots did put up a fight, but they were so cavalier in their approach to the game that when they realized the Jets came to win and were serious about it, it was too late to try any “tricks.”

now the Jets head to Pittsburgh and already the talk is that they will not win. But that’s coming from the same “experts” and “analysts” and Steelers fans. As a NY Giants fan, I admire how Rex Ryan the Jets have been jetting along with their business. Go Jets! You beat the Patriots fair and square. The Patriots are done winning because and the world will know not to crown them as immortals. Somebody said, “That’s why we play the game.”


The Jets Upset The Patriots- Jets They Did!

Jets Upset Patriots

Congratulations to the New York Jets for pulling off the biggest upset of the NFL Playoffs so far. All the so-called “experts” and “sports analysts” owe the Jets an apology today. They all but had given the Superbowl to Tom Brady and the Jets have them back paddling and changing their stories. Well, enough about the so-called “experts” and “polls” and “predictions.

The Jets proved that if you do an correct assessment of who you are and you believe in yourself, there is but one more thing to do, and that is to turn a deaf ear to everyone else. There comes a time in your life when you cannot depend on anybody to toot your horn for you. You have to toot your own horn. Except for the Jet fans, their fans and a few rational people, no one else gave them a chance, but whose still playing now.

All right, I think the point has been made that the Jets did what very few expected them to do. That was a wonderful comeback from their 45-3 humiliation a few weeks earlier. This time they showed the world that they are worthy to take the field in Arlington, Texas on February 6. At this time only the Jets can halt their progress and I believe they have come through too much adversity to do that now. The Patriots are not a bad team, but they were not as invincible as people were making them out to be. Last year the Ravens beat them for the divisional championships. Then everybody gave the Ravens credit for being a great defense. This year the Ravens got beaten by Steelers, people say the Ravens gave the game away. Make up your minds. Here is a question for those “experts” on television and radio. During the time when the Patriots were winning, was that the same time of the “Spygate?” Someone can do the research on that and leave a comment.

For now, the Jets will jet off to Pittsburgh to meet Big Ben. The Jets have history on their side. They know they can beat Big Ben and with higher stakes to play for, they will show those who still don’t believe. It is still loser go home; but this time the winner goes to the Superbowl. Jets Can! Jets They Can!