The “Birds” Have Fallen -Steelers and Packers win

Yesterday there were two divisional championship games. One was exciting and the other was dull. The Ravens really played their hearts out, but when you get to this round of the nfl playoffs, it is one mistake and you are done. The ball is the most important object and it has to be protected at all cost. If you fumble it you might not get another chance because every team which has arrived at this stage of the nfl playoffs can play. Big Ben and the Steelers band of merry men proved that if you just keep at it and don’t give up you can win. That last touchdown was not easy. It took guts and grit and determination. That’s how we must end each day. Push your way into the end zone of life.

In the second game between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons got really bad at half time. One or two interceptions and the Falcons were in a free fall. It is interesting how the “birds” fell this weekend. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. He took his time and he was methodical and didn’t try to do too much on one possession. He just kept advancing his team until the game was over.

Just before half time when the Falcons could have tried a kick for 3 points, Matt Ryan tried to force the ball into a tight spot and he got intercepted. Instead of going into half time with momentum, they went in dejected. Even though they had a second half they seemed to have come back out with no game plan. People of the world, all these games are lessons we can learn from. We have half time to go into the locker room and come back out with determination. Slow and steady wins the raise. Today we have two more games. I am picking the Jets and the Bears. We will see on Monday.