Let’s Hope For The Jets


Hello NFL Football fans, we are in for another great weekend of playoffs football. The stakes are getting higher as we draw closer and closer to the Super bowl.

It is understandable why the Jets are not getting any respect because of how they were humiliated the last time they met the Tom Brady. It does seem though that many forget that the Patriots were involved in spying. If the Jets play their best game they can beat Tom Brady. If they beat Peyton they can beat Brady and that’s where Jets fans and New Yorkers have to hope in.

With just about 48 hours to go, we just need the Jets to stop talking and relax themselves for the game. The reason they have to stop talking is to take that time and focus. This is it. There is no next week if you don’t win on Sunday. That’s why it is time for them to zone in on their assignment and stop talking. The Patriots will not take time to talk back because they don’t want to be distracted.

The New England Patriots are so disciplined and focused on their goal that they don’t care what the Jets are saying they are not going to respond.

People of the world, here is the lesson to learn from Tom Brady; no matter someone else is saying if you can keep silent – they will eventually stop. It takes two to tango and two to start a war. Be wise like the Patriots.

Jets fans keep believing. You will win.