Winter Storm 2- The Scorecard

Winter Snow Storm – The Mayor Got An “A” For Snow Clean Up
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The snow storm came and went and New York City did not come to a standstill. The truth is that even though there was not the 2 feet of snow that was predicted, we had about three inches and the snow plows passed through at least once within hours of the snowfall.
This time around the city was well prepared for a really big snow fall and it never came. But the take away form this is that we should always be prepared because it is when we are prepared for the worst that somehow things turn out much better than we expected. The fly in the ointment is that as humans we do not always have control over the outcome of a thing, but history has taught us that when we plan and we are prepared we are usually able to handle the unexpected with more poise.
So, in this brief blog I want to focus that the city’s preparedness this time around showed that as big as New York City is and as complex as city government is, the city is manageable and New Yorkers are among the greatest people on earth. .
It’s winter so what else to expect but snow! More snow is on the way next week. Stay tuned.