Teams Playing With House Money

Are the Chicago Bears and the Atlanta Falcons> playing with House money this weekend? Many people
know that possessing the ball is key to winning the game. Possessing the ball in the sense of taking time off the clock and holding the ball securely are the main keys to victory in a football game. Teams that turn the ball over very rarely win. The NY Giants are watching the game on TV because they turned the ball over too many times. Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles are home because Vick threw an interception that sent them flying off into the winter.

The teams that are still playing know that possession is 90 percent of the game. So, having said that, are the home teams in this weekend NFL Divisional Championship games playing with house money in the nfl playoffs this weekend? Are they expected to win and if they don’t win will it be a disappointment to their players and fans. Which home team playing in the division championships this upcoming weekend do you think is not expected to win and is therefore playing with house money?