NFL PLAYOFFS: Michael Vick and The Philadelphia Eagles

Vick and Done- The Story Of The Phadelphia Eagles

The pit to the palace story of Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles might be over. Talk radio hosts have been having a hay day because of the Eagles loss on Sunday. How quickly people can change their feelings and attitudes towards you. Saturday Vick was a hero and MVP candidate. On Sunday he is the scapegoat.

Yesterday and today the sports news media did not give Michael Vick a break. When he was carrying the team on his back and causing them to win impossible games, nobody brought up his past. But now that he threw an interception when he had enough time on the clock to ground the ball, everybody remembers the dog chapter.

I will not dwell on that, I just want to know how the Eagles feel now that they traded McNabb, demoted Cobb and started Vick. If my facts are right, McNabb took them to a Super bowl. No wonder Eagles fans are upset. Let’s see whose head will roll or who will be the real fall guy for the Eagles elimination from the NFL Playoffs. Of course, as a NY Giants fan, I am glad the Eagles are cooked. But, let’s be balanced with our views if possible. Share your comments.