New York City Braces For Another Winter Snow Storm

Say It Aint Snow

Hello World,

Hope you are doing great. This will probably be my shortest post as the city is a hustle and bustle as New Yorkers prepare for another <snow storm. From what we’re hearing we should get at least another 12 inches or more.

Based on what happened over the Christmas weekend when all the elected officials seemed to have been away the snow came. This time they have assured New Yorkers that they have a plan in place and we will not have history repeating itself. We do believe.

Now, I believe New Yorkers are very reasonable people as are other people in other states especially where they get heavy and frequent snow storms in winter, I know you don’t expect things to be perfect, but you would expect that with the advance weather radar and other equipment, whereby we can predict a snow storm up to the amount of inches, we should be able to handle a snow storm or a snow blizzard in a few days.

We are going to give the city another chance to do the right thing. We really believe.