NFL PLAYOFFS: Green Bay Packers Send The Eagles Flying.

The Green Bay Packers Packing For Atlanta To Face Falcons

Hello football fans. You should have had a great weekend of NFL Playoffs football no matter what team you were rooting for. The game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers was really exciting football. It was hard to root against one team unless you were really a die- hard fan of either team.

So many people wanted to see Michael Vick do well and he almost pulled it off, but if you are a NY Giants fan like I am, you are elated at the outcome. The Green bay Packers really need to thank the Giants because they showed that it was possible to beat Vick. If they were not careless in the last seven minutes of the game, they would have handed them a good whipping.

I believe this is the end of the road for the Packers. Matt Ryan will “swoop” down on them so fast as the Atlanta Falcons will really send them packing for the winter. They do have heart and will put up a great show. Come back on Friday for my predictions of the score. I am 2/4 so far.

Share your comments or provide feedback. How did you do with your predictions? What are your thoughts for the divisional games coming up? Who will make it to the Super bowl in Dallas?