NFL Playoffs- Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets Big Winners.

NFL Playoffs:Seahawks Upset The Saints and The Jets Flew.

Hello world

The first set of nfl playoffs games were completed yesterday and I am one out of two in my predictions. I guess that is not so bad. Anyhow, how about those Seahawks? They came to play and it seemed like it was about who was more desperate to prove that they belong in the playoffs. Afterall, all week everybody was crying penalty because they were hosting a playoff game with a losing record. Well, they proved that they were nothing like their record. There is something to say for us this 2011. No matter what your record was in 2010, you are now in 2011 with a another chance. The lesson we learn here is to make the best of every opportunity.

How about those Jets? They really played to win in the fourth quarter. With less than a minute to go and two points down, Sanchez led his team down the field into field goal position so they win. That was really a big step forward. Finally, the Jets have humbled the mighty Peyton ann now both Mannings are out of the playoffs. Certainly, Saturday NFL Playoffs were classic ‘Davids’ triumphing over ‘Goliaths’ in both games. The lesson to learn from this is that if you felt like David in 2010, then victory is ahead for you. How will things turn out today? Chiefs and Packers all the way.

Have a great Sunday