New York Jets Playoff Game Against the Indianapolis Colts

NY Jets and Indy Colts

Hello football fans and Jets fans, well it is almost here. The New York Jets charter plan has just touched down in Indianapolis. Only this time it is personal. Way to go Rex and the Jets.

I am a New York Giants fan, but I must admit that I will be rooting for the Jets. It will be another case of David and Goliath, and just as it was in the Bible, David seems like he has no chance, but on Monday morning many
experts are going to be eating their words.

We know who Peyton is, but he is not the Peyton of three years ago. When last did the Colts win a Superbowl? If he were, how come he only has one ring. He has the same number of rings as his brother, Eli Manning, whom we would say is not as great. Also, if I am not mistaken, I think his brother got his about three years ago. So, all you Colts fans, root for your team, but this is it. The Jets win big over the Colts tomorrow with a score of 30 to 19.