New Year’s Resolutions -Part 4

Resolutions Tip Number 4

Hello world,

All of this week we have talked about resolutions. There are many ideas and tips about how to reach your goals and keep your resolutions. Yesterday we told you that the statistics say that after two months into the new year, 80% of people who set resolutions give up on them. Our goal is to be among the 20% of people who do not quit no matter what happens. Read the other blogs to catch up.

Our fourth strategy to keep our resolutions is to write them down. When we write things down we then can check them daily or weekly, recite them, and reframe them. Writing them down gives us a blueprint that we can constantly refer to. It has been proven that people who write their resolutions and their goals down are more likely to do them.

This is the first week of the new year and you still have some time to get a notebook (not a piece of paper) and write your resolutions and your goals down. make them as detailed as possible. You have probably heard of SMART goals. That means Specific, Measurable (how to know when you have achieved it), Achievable, Realistic (are their age restrictions, such as, joining the force) and Time (give yourself a time frame).

All the best with your new year’s resolutions. Be determined to be among the 20% who are still going strong after two months.