New Year’s Resolutions -Part 3

Hello world, hope you are doing well five days into the new year. Hope it is going well with your new year’s resolutions. According to the statistics you should be still on track, but in about two weeks it is when people begin to faint or lose heart or give up their resolutions. So, this is to help you to prove the statistics wrong.

Why do people give up on their resolutions after the second week of January? Well, there could be many reasons, but what we want is to give you a strategy to keep us going. The first thing to do is to follow through on each resolution. If you decide that you will follow through on your resolution you will see it to the end.

The second thing to do to make sure that your resolutions become opportunities for solutions is to not bite off more than you can chew. In other words, set realistic goals or resolutions. If the resolutions are too grand and lofty chances are you will not have enough little success on the way to keep you going. So, even if your resolutions are grand break them up into smaller achievable goals so that you will have success along the way.