New Year’s Resolutions or Solutions

New Year’s resolutions bring new year’s solutions only if you see it as such. It’s a new year and every year one of the main rituals is the new year’s resolution. Have you made yours as yet? Among the most popular resolutions are to lose weight or go on a diet of healthy eating, getting organized, and making and saving more money.

We really need to review the definition of the word resolution to see what it is that we are really doing and why the statics say that after the second week of January, many people have given up on their resolutions. As a matter of fact, survey says that January 17 is the saddest day of the year for most people. Is it because they have broken their well intentioned resolutions? The same survey also says that June 17 is the happiest day of the year for most people according to a recent survey. Are people happy because they have gotten over the disappointment of not sticking to their resolutions?

Regardless of what day people are the happiest or saddest, and regardless of the reason, keeping new year’s resolutions are hard for most people. I know you know what it means to make a resolution, but let me remind you what you are telling your brain; you are telling your brain that you are determined to do something that for the most part is not pleasurable now or easy to do at the outset. It means you will have to delay the gratification and push through the challenges.

When you want to lose 10 pounds by summer and you accustomed to having your ice-cream at night or getting up early in the morning and going to the gym, you have to see yourself in the summer looking 10 pounds lighter and actually feel now how you are going to feel then. It is not easy but it is possible.


New Year’s Resolutions Are Opportunities For Solutions

Every resolution is an opportunity to find a solution or to grow. If we look at each resolution on our list as an opportunity to find a solution then it will help us put more effort into following through. I played volleyball in college, and when you serve you must follow through with your arm or else the ball is going to go straight up in the air rather than out and over the net.

You follow the ball with your arm even after it has left the ball of your palm. That ensures the ball stays close to the net but goes over the net, and that is a difficult serve to return. I was a great server once I understood and practiced follow through.

The first secret to turning your resolutions into solutions is to follow through. Take it one serve at a time and follow through on your resolution to the end. Remember it is an opportunity for a solution. That means don’t tackle 10 resolutions in January alone. You will not have time to follow through on any. Come back tomorrow for more tips.