Giants Miss The Playoffs

Hello World,
As a New York Giants fan I am extremely disappointed that they did not make the playoffs this season. It is a shame and big disappointment when you see how not paying attention to details caused them to get shut out of the playoffs. Had they not implode in the game against Philadelphia Eagles, they would be riding high with a great chance of getting to the Super bowl. There are a couple of lessons to learn from the New York Giants. One lesson is that when you have the opportunity to set your own course in live, go ahead and set it. If you have the opportunity to control your destiny today, go ahead and do today what you need to do. They knew if they beat Green Bay they would not hinge their destiny on the outcome of another team not winning their game. Because of their loss to Philly and to the Packers, they were at the mercy of a team that had nothing to play for (The Bears were already in the playoffs) beating a team that had something to play for (Green bay Packers). That meant that even if they won their game (which they did), they had to hope that the Bears would rally and play a great game against a desperate team. As the results proved, you cannot leave your destiny up to someone else. You have to do all you can when you can to set your own course. The Jets did just that. When ridicule and defeat and embarrassment was looming large at them, they won their games. They had done enough early in the season that even though they lost their second to last game, they got in the playoffs because when destiny was in their hands they set their course. We are talking about sports, but the same is true of life. We are a few days in the new year, you have your destiny in your hands. Don’t wait until the end of the month to set your course for the year. Set it now. If you wait you might be at the mercy of someone who is in better financial position than you are and therefore have no reason to make a decision that will be favorable to you. Start thinking from now how you are going to achieve your goals and begin to take action. Don’t be like the Giants and leave your destiny up to others who don’t care if you succeed or not. Be proactive. Set your own course this year.