New Year Resolutions or New Year Plans- Part 2

Hello World,
It is day two of the new year 2011. By now you should have made your plans and resolutions for the new year 2011, and if not, then you should be working on it. You need to write some things down on paper that you would like to accomplish this year because if you don’t the year will end and you will only have regrets. Would you like your Christmas to be better this year? Then plan it. Would you like your summer to be better than last year? Then you have to make a plan- not a resolution. Most resolutions are broken by the second month of the year. Why? Because we don’t write resolutions down. We just say things like ‘this year I’m going to lose weight.’ We did not say how many pounds. We did not say by when and we did not say how we intend to do it. When you detail all the answers to those questions you have moved from resolution to plan. I spoke with several people who said they want to get fit this year and the only other thing they had decided was that they would go to a gym. Which gym? Did they visit a gym to get information, to tour the facility, to find out the hours? No. If they don’t turn this into a plan this resolution is “dead in the water.” People, write your plans down on paper. Tell it to others who will support you or remind you of it. Get a blue print of how you intend to work your plan. Show it to others to see if it is plausible. Maybe you overlooked something. Maybe you go to school at night and work during the day, so going to the gym might not be possible until the summer, but in the meantime you could get a good fitness program on Video that you can do for ten minutes in the morning. Hope you are inspired to get a notebook or journal and start making your plans for 2011. Tomorrow we will say more.
Bye world!