Happy New Year 2011 – Part 1

Hello World,
Glad you made it to the New Year 2011. Do you realize that today is 1/1/11? If you play the numbers the one’s could have it. Anyway, I just want to thank God that I made it to 2011 because so many people did not. The fact that we are alive in 2011 is because we still have not fulfilled our purpose or our reason for being here. We have a clean slate and we all have a fresh start to plan our course for 2011. We have to plan our 2011, and then ask for the help of the Lord to guide us and give us wisdom so our plans can succeed. If you want your 2011 to be better than 2010, you are going to have to plan it. If you do not already have any plans, take the first week of January and plan out each month or break it up into seasons and write your plans. I say the first week, because time is ticking. You do not have a whole month to plan. The plans should have already been in place, but if they are not, you still have time. Get it done in the first week of January. In another blog I will outline some steps to help you get on course. If you have no plans you are going to get to December 31, 2011, and nothing would have changed for you that you had any control over. Things will change all right, but you will be reacting to the changes instead of making changes. So, go to church tomorrow and once you get back home, carve out some time to sit down with pen and paper, and write your 2011 plans or resolutions. This year can be a great year if you plan for it.
Happy New Year!