Blizzard 2010 in New York City:Has Your Street Seen A Plow

Hello world,
If you are not in New York City and you are getting a better picture of what’s going on with the snow removal, please leave a comment. So, as you can see from the earlier entry, the city is still under snow. Brooklyn and Staten Island seemed to have been the hardest hit. As per the Department of Sanitation (DOS), they were to have plowed ever street by 7 am this morning. Well, as you might have guessed, the goal was not reached. Meanwhile, the trucks are busy clearing the snow from Times Square. Wouldn’t it be funny if people cannot get from their house to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, which is tomorrow night. Somebody is forgetting that over 2 million people live in Brooklyn alone. Anyway, we just hope the DOS will get to Brooklyn and the other boroughs before the next snowfall or the next blizzard. More pictures will be added later this evening. Make sure you keep coming back. Oh! I will be putting up a few ebooks very soon. Please watch for those. Mayor Bloomberg will have a lot of questions to ask his DOS chief behind closed doors.