Snowfall Totals in New York City

What A Difference A Day Makes!

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Snowfall totals in New York City is always an amazing statistic. To fully grasp the amount of snow on the ground you really have to go outside and try walking even 10 steps. It is almost impossible. This snowstorm of December 2010 just too much to handle. Snow is everywhere and there is just nowhere to put it. The news reported that Elizabeth, New Jersey had 31 inches of snowfall. Central Park, New York City had 20 inches. I just did a foot tour of my neighborhood and below are some pictures which will tell the story. I saw vehicles turned opposite directions in the middle of the street, people even in SUV’s were having a hard time getting out of the snow, and tertiary streets are all but forgotten. Snow plows are not even in the vicinity. This snowfall total is high, but as we have seen it is not a record, and believe me, this is the slowest response by the city to clean up the snow. Snow is knee deep in every area. On the main street where the snow plow has passed through, the snow is pushed to the sidewalk, creating massive mounds of snow, and pedestrians are forced into the street to walk and also to wait for the bus. This snowfall has created a monster mess and New Yorkers can only hope we will not have a repeat of this. Well, everything is not all doom and gloom. New Yorkers are up and about and are trying their best to get to work or places of business. Some are walking for miles because there is no bus and some subways are running only part of their routes. By the way, these pictures were taken by a cellphone around 1p.m. and as you can see, the snow plows are still to come down the back streets. Hopefully, tomorrow we will see different pictures.

Main Street cleared of some snow

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No Snow Plow Yet!


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