Mike Singletary Kicked Out

The firing of Mike Singletary, the San Francisco 49ers football coach, on Sunday with one game left to play was shocking to say the least. It is a sad thing in sports when the team does badly the coach gets fired. This does not mean the coach is not responsible for the team, but the truth is that even with the best laid plans and the best coaches in each sport, when it comes to game time, it’s the players on the field. They have to put into the game all the things the coach taught them in practice time. If players drop catches, don’t play to their full potential, don’t hold unto the ball, is that the fault of the coach? What’s a coach to do? Look at Dallas Cowboys? Just a few weeks ago they were dead in the water and look at the calibre of coach they had. The they fire the coach and look at the turn-around. It’s the same players who were dropping balls. Is it the new coach or is it that if the players are not “for” the coach they can really make life difficult? That’s one to think about. Oh, make no mistake about it, Mike Singletary is not the last domino to fall, and those armchair coaches who will step into these positions better be careful what they say now, because they could meet the same fate sometime in the future.