Holiday Snow Blizzard in New York City

Hello World,
You probably have seen on the news how the snow blizzard has left New York and other Eastern States covered in snow. In Brooklyn, the snow is more than two feet deep and the problem is that it seems like Manhattan is the only borough getting any attention. In Brooklyn, the main streets have been ploughed probably once, while the other streets have not seen a snow plough. On one street which has a school, if there were to be an emergency, the consequences could be serious because not even an ambulance could get through. Based on the news this morning, Brooklyn is not the only borough suffering. The Brooklyn Borough President was hopping mad about it this morning and he is right. New York City is not just Manhattan, the other boroughs had snowfall too, so Mr. Mayor, please give Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Brooklyn some attention. I took some pictures yesterday (see yesterday’s post) and nothing has changed this morning. It is 11:00a.m. and still no snow plough. Something went wrong at the agency responsible for cleaning up the snow, and at this time we are not so concerned about what really happened, what we are concerned about is that they get to the primary and tertiary roads, because not everybody lives on Main Street.