Snowstorm of 2010

Going nowhere

Hello World,
Hope you made it through the first part of the back to back holiday weekend. Hope you had a great Christmas Day and that you got the gifts that you wanted and gave gifts that were practical. While this blog is not about the gifts, I just want to say that the reason so many things have to be returned to the store is because some people are just not observant or practical in their gift giving. For instance, if you are observant and you are giving a gift to a family, close friend, or co-worker, shouldn’t you have an idea of their favorite color, or shouldn’t you know if they wear earrings or not. Many gifts are returned because we do not always think practical gifts, we just think, gift. Anyway, I trust that you will not have to regift your christmas gift.
Now that Christmas is over, most New Yorker’s never got the chance to make the happy returns to the stores today or even to get the 50% of sale due to the snow storm. It is really, really a lot of snow on the ground. I took my camera out this morning and tried to get a few pictures of what it is like. Below are some of the pictures. Usually when the snow is fresh on the ground it is a bit easy for pedestrians (even though you have to walk in the street) as you are not slipping and sliding. The problem will be tomorrow and Wednesday when the snow begins to melt during the day and then form ice the next morning. That is when you need good grip or you could slip and slide on sidewalks. If you don’t have to shovel snow and if you drive- this is wonderful. If you have to shovel snow and you don’t drive- this is bad news. Nonetheless, New Yorkers are mentally tough and they can handle any snow storm or blizzard. If you are snowed in, relax, get some rest and be ready for tomorrow. Afterall, we are in winter and winter calls for cold weather and snow. Enjoy the pictures.

White as Snow

Snow White