Obama To Sign Tax Bill

Hello world,
The tax bill is heading to the White House for the signature of President Obama. Well, like it or not, the bill is doing some good things for the economy as it is. Everybody will benefit from if they don’t have to pay more taxes now. Of course, those in higher income brackets are going to come out better, but is that not the way the society is structured? Then apart from taxes, it also extends benefits for the unemployed. The unemployed is a critical group because these are people who used to work good jobs. We keep forgetting that they used to work and then they lost their jobs. You do not get unemployment if you are fired, so there needs to be some understanding about extending their benefits. Unemployment income is not given to big companies for contracts, the benefits are given to struggling families who spend it the minute they get it. Certainly there are other provisions in the bill too, but at this critical time in the country when the jobs and the economy did not do as expected, it is a good thing to give the country that breathing room. Hopefully by the middle of 2011 the economy should be doing better.