Knicks “Pierced” by Boston Celtics Last Night

Hello World,
The Boston Celtics “pierced” the New York Knicks last night, but it was a great showing by the Knicks nonetheless. They are the real deal. By the way, are we still missing Lebron James? By the way, how are the New Jersey Nets doing? Alright, we wont rub it in, but all basketball fans must be loving how the Knicks are playing right now. The game between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks last night was a real thriller. I guess Paul Pierce is now a believer that there is a rivalry. Certainly the Knicks got “pierced” in the heart at the end, but I think they have nothing to hang their heads over, and Paul Pierce has nothing to really gloat over. I am a Celtics fan, and I really want to see them go back to the NBA finals and beat the Lakers or whoever they face. They are a nice group of guys, but last night I wanted to see the Knicks put up a fight and they did. If I were Boston, I would really be concerned, because if the Knicks played them so tight, what will the Heat do? They only came out with a win because time ran out on Amare and the Knicks. So, Paul Pierce, you better don’t celebrate just yet. If you can’t beat the Knicks by much and you claim there is no rivalry, let’s see how you will perform against a team where there is a rivalry. Knicks nation- keep believing and keep fighting.