Yankees and The Cliff “Hanger” Lee

Hello World,

I was really disappointed that Cliff Lee did not come to the New York Yankees. There are several observations I have about Cliff Lee’s decision. The first observation is that New York City is not for everybody. You have to really have a mental toughness to come to New York and play for any of the teams for that matter. We saw how A-Rod struggled when he just got here. It took him quite a while to settle down and really play baseball. The second observation is that throwing big money at sports stars is not everything. There are some players who will really sit down and look at the bigger picture and make decisions that are not just about them, but about their families in the long run. Listening to Cliff Lee it seems to be what he did. The truth of the matter is that he is not leaving that much money on the table to go back to Philadelphia. The third observation I made on the issue of Cliff Lee’s decision to leave the New York Yankees on a “cliff hanger,” is that he actually did Yankee fans a great favor. The fact that he is in Philadelphia, it makes life for the Mets that more frustrating. What hope does the Mets have as being number one in New York? Atlanta is good, Philly is good and if the Mets don’t make the playoffs nobody will be talking about them.