The New York Jets Debacle in New England

Hello World,
If you are just remotely a sports fan and you saw the football game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots last night, you must have a headache this morning. What a beat down they got, 45-3! Where was the guts of the Jets? They just rolled over and played dead from the first quarter of the game. That is not the lesson we want to take away from the game. The New England Patriots on the other hand showed us the attitude we need to have towards life and a game. The lesson we want to take away is that no matter how many points you are up, keep playing hard. That was what Tom Brady and his coach taught us. Keep playing hard and in life keep working hard. The Jets just did not have any fight in them, not even after half-time. You have to realize that no matter how down you are – never ever give up. You only have a fighting chance if you show up for the fight and actually fight. Some critics will say that the only real test the New York Jets had on their way to their 9-2 record, was beating the same Patriots when they were not this good. It seemed to me that the Jets are not really as bad a team as they showed last night, and they can make it to the playoffs. They have another game coming up on Sunday, so they have to forget about last night, and move on. That is what we need to do every day. Yesterday is gone and no matter how much you beat your head against the wall for the mistakes you made, the only thing that is going to change is your head. You will have a bald spot and a headache. Learn the lesson (good or bad) and move on.